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MW of polluting specie [[gUL('molecularMass')]]




Sampling Basis


H2O measured %


Apply oxygen correction


O2 measured %


O2 reference %


O2 reference levels are typically 3% for gaseous & liquid fuels, 6% for solid and 11% for waste incinerators. Check statutory regulations.
Convert to


Temperature @ stand.condns [[gUL('temperature')]]


Reference condition of temperature for mg/Sm3 units. Check as per statutory regulations
Pressure @ stand.condns [[gUL('pressure')]]


Reference condition of pressure for mg/Sm3 units. Check as per statutory regulations


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Concentration Wet Cwet [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'concentration_wet', '_val']) ]] [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'units', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-1

Moisture Correction Factor Fm [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'Fm', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-2

Concentration Dry Cdry [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'concentration_dry', '_val']) ]] [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'units', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-3

O2 measured Dry O2_dry [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'O2_measured_dry', '_val']) ]] [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'units', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-4

Oxygen Correction Factor Fo [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'Fo', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-5

Concentration Dry & O2 Corrected Cdry_O2corr [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'concentration_dry_corrected', '_val']) ]] [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'units', '_val']) ]]

Refer Note-6

The following equations have been used in conversions (Refer Air Monitoring Guide - Note2 by US EPA)
  1) Concentration(mg/Nm3) = Concentration(ppmv)*MW/MolarVolume, where MW is in gm/mol and MolarVolume is 22.41 litres @ NTP
      MW for NOx (as NO2) is 46.0, SOx (as SO2) is 64.1, CO is 28.01
      Concentration(mg/Sm3) = Concentration(mg/Nm3)*(273.15/Tstandard)*(Pstandard/101.325)
     mg/Nm3 is defined at T=273.15K, P = 101.325kPa. mg/Sm3 is defined at Tstandard(K) and Pstandard(kPa) as per regulations.
  2) Moisture Correction Factor (Fm) = 100/(100 - H2O measured%)
  3) Concentration Dry (Cdry) = Concentration Wet(Cwet)*Fm
  4) O2 measured Dry (O2_dry) = O2 measured(O2)*Fm
  5) Oxygen Correction Factor (Fo) = (20.9 - O2 reference%)/(20.9 - O2 measured Dry%)
  6) Concentration Dry and Corrected (Cdry_O2corr) = Concentration Dry(Cdry)*Fo