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Sizing Basis


Pressure Standard Conditions Pstd [[gUL('pressure')]]


Temperature Standard Conditions Tstd [[gUL('temperature')]]


Hold up time t [[gUL('time')]]


Load/Unload Frequency fs cycles/hr


Unload/Cut out pressure Initial Pressure Pu [[gUL('pressure')]],a


Load/Cut in pressure Final Pressure Pl [[gUL('pressure')]],a


Supply Flow Rate to receiver Qin S[[gUL('flow')]]


For above, use delivery flow rate of compressor for receiver charging

Demand Flow Rate from receiver Qout S[[gUL('flow')]]


For above, if unknown, use 50% of the supply flow rate as a worst case scenario for receiver sizing

Receiver Max. Temperature Tmax [[gUL('temperature')]]


For above, if fed from an air cooler, use maximum ambient plus air cooler approach (~ 10 degree C)

Design Margin ζ %




[[ err ]]


Volume V [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'V', '_val']) ]] [[gUL('volume')]]

Specified Load Factor χ=Qout/Qin [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'chi', '_val']) ]]

Volume Recommended Vrec [[ retSilent(doc, ['result', 'Vrec', '_val']) ]] [[gUL('volume')]]

for worst case load factor of 0.5