Engineering Calculations and Resources

codecalculation.com aims at supporting engineers in process industries with online calculations, sizing and estimation tools and property databases. The calculation tools available provide full flexibilty to user, by providing the option to save and reload the input data, change the units and generate PDF file reports with user defined document numbers and titles.

Expect to see more and more of calculations incorporated in future. In case you have a feedback/suggestion on existing calculation or wish to see a calculation hosted here, please drop in an email to contact@codecalculation.com .


Calculations include thermophysical property database for various chemical substances, water and steam, hydrocarbon mixtures, pressure drop calculations and equipment sizing calculations.


Calculations include getting sizing estimates for pumps, Hydraulic Institute pump viscosity correction calculation, compressor sizing and staging calculations, gas turbine site deration, steam turbine performance calculation, air property and psychrometric calculations, pipe dimensions lookup etc.


Calculations include cable sizing calculations as per IEC 30634, lighting related calculations involving conversion between photometric quantities (candela, lumens, lux and watts), motor starting time estimation, power factor compensation, three phase system parameters calculation etc.


Calculations include sizing of relief valves in liquid, gas and steam service as per API 521 and sizing of control valves in liquid and gas service.